2012-29: Green 25 Patch – Strip Challenge

Green 25 patch

This strip challenge quilt was made from a package of green strips with the addition of white fabric to set off the Green 25 patch blocks.

The blocks are 10 inches square and the sashing is 3 inches wide.  The outside border is 5 inches wide, so the quilt finished at 44″ x 70″.

One of the advantages of participating in a strip challenge where the fabric is provided is the chance to experiment with designs and fabrics you would not normally select.  I’m not a huge fan of the color green, so this is not something I would typically have chosen to sew.  Knowing that it is for a Community Outreach donation quilt liberates me to play with colors and patterns that generally would not attract me.  Despite this being a bit different for me, I really liked the finished quilt.

Quilting with the Circle Lord Swirlz template added some roundness and movement to a very angular design.    The finished quilt goes into the Community Outreach inventory for future donation.


3 responses to “2012-29: Green 25 Patch – Strip Challenge

  1. The scrappy binding is a really nice touch.

  2. Oooh, I like this quilt! The white sashing makes it sparkle, and — unlike you — I do like green! A springtime quilt anyone would be glad to have on their bed!

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