2012-16: Fern Feathered Place Mats

DSC00170placematThese place mats are quite simple to make.  You select six coordinating fabrics, layer and cut in the stacked format so that all layers are the same.  Then you mix and match the pieces to make six place mats containing all six fabrics in different positions.  Here you can see two of the six place mats.  I added texture with the quilting pattern, a fern feather design of three fronds that begin lower right and flow across the place mat.  The quilting thread is an olive green that blends well.  The straight grain binding was applied by machine to the front and hand stitched on the back.

These place mats now live at my summer cottage.   I have two sets of dishes there – a set of four olive green and a set of 12 dark tomato red.  These place mats go perfectly with both sets of dishes, allowing me to be spontaneous when setting the table.  I enjoy my meal much more when the table is beautifully set!


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