2012-11: Tractor Pillow

Quilted Tractor PillowBorders were added to this pre-printed tractor panel and then the pillow top was quilted densely on my longarm.  I’m not a tractor aficionado, but I do live in an agricultural area and am married to the son of a farmer.   I made this pillow simply so that I would have an entry for the pillow category for the local fall fair.

Pillow BackingThe pillow backing is fabric that resembles a field of straw, quilted with a scratchy stitch to emulate a field of straw.  This pillow won a first place ribbon at the fall fair.  I overheard several people exclaiming delightedly over the pillow, but wistfully saying too bad the tractor wasn’t green.  Apparently this is John Deere country where farmers are passionate about their tractor brand!

2 responses to “2012-11: Tractor Pillow

  1. good to see your blog again! amy

    • Hi Amy:
      Thanks for your message! it is good to be back blogging again. I finally got the guild stash sorted and organized into 12 new clear large storage tubs. With the piles of fabric tidied away in an organized fashion, it feels like a huge load has lifted from my shoulders. There are now 18 large bins stacked neatly in my basement and I know where everything is and I can pull what I need at a moments notice. Now that it is done, I realize how oppressive it was to have my spare tables cluttered with huge piles of fabric. Visual clutter stresses me! Now I feel light hearted and creative. I celebrated last night by assembling another quilt top for our strip challenge, taking time to do some machine applique. I’m looking forward to posting the results! Hugs, Peggy

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