2012-10: First Hand Quilting

DSC00153This summer, I decided to teach myself to hand quilt.  For the last 15 years, I have consistently described myself as a machine quilter, expressing zero interest in hand quilting.  I only decided to hand quilt to give me something to do while riding as a passenger in the car on long trips.  To my great surprise, I have discovered that I like hand quilting!   My first project was a small Double Wedding Ring baby panel which I quilted with a Warm and White batting.  I learned that Warm and White is not the easiest batting to needle, but I was still quite happy with the results.

I’m not fond of putting any markings on a quilt top, so I decided to mark the center of the rings with a leaf pattern cut from blue painters tape. I quilted around the outside of the leaf design.  It was easy to apply and easy to remove leaving no marks on the quilt.

I was pleased with the finished quilt and it surprised me by winning a first place ribbon at the local fall fair.


Hand quilting after removing painters tape


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