Quilting for the Community

In June, during a moment of weakness, I agreed to chair the Community Outreach Committee for my quilt guild for the 2012-2013 year.  I like to make outreach quilts and it seemed like a low stress way to help out both the quilt guild and the  community.

What I did not know about the job is that it came along with the privilege (read responsibility) of storing and managing the guild stash.  I had no comprehension of the enormous quantity of fabric, batting and WIPS that entailed.    The fabric was contained in seven large totes, four large IKEA bags, 10 smallish boxes, and 5 large boxes.  In addition, there was a large box of completed flimsies and 47 finished quilts!  Yikes!  Too much fabric, too much stuff.  To prevent complete overwhelm, I decided to get busy with the committee to package up kits for guild members to piece, quilt and bind.   We have worked very steadily and since June, we have completed 118 quilts.

In September,  we donated 54 quilts to Victim Services, a community service that assists police, fire and para-medical personnel to tend to victims in the case of accident, crime,  trauma and natural disasters.

This photo shows Nancy (orange top), a member of the Community Outreach Committee presenting the quilts to Laura Cherry, Program Coordinator of Victim Services Guelph Wellington.  Behind them is an array of some of the quilts we have completed.


2 responses to “Quilting for the Community

  1. Laurie in Brampton, Ontario

    I’m so glad to see that you are posting again, Peggy! I missed you over your long summer vacation at the cottage. Good for you taking on the responsibility of chairing the Community Outreach Committee at your guild. Looking forward to seeing your finished summer projects as they get quilted.

    • Hi Laurie! Thanks for your friendly message. I have been feeling a bit inundated with the Community Outreach project. Finally, my head has been able to come up for a bit of air. I have actually quilted quite a bit, just have not had time to post. I’ll try to catch up in the next few weeks. I did quite a bit of piecing during the summer at the cottage, so my own pile of flimsies is rather high! As of yesterday, all of the Community Outreach flimsies are quilted. What a great feeling! Now I can work on finishing my own projects!
      All the best,

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