2012-9: Prairie Braid Table Runner

Using left over strips from my Autumn Prairie Braid quilt, I assembled this table runner. The strip pieces start at 1.5″ by 4.5 inches.  After making four short braids, I joined them to a 4.5 inch central square and two side triangles.  The ends were squared off and a 3″ border was added.

The runner was quilted with a dense meander with a tan colored thread in the braid area and the border was quilted with a rust colored thread in a half-feather pattern.  The binding was machine sewn  to the front and hand stitched to the back.  The finished dimension of the table runner is 36″ by 15″.

It looks great on my dining table, but I plan to give it to my cottage neighbor, Encela, who makes the world’s best cabbage rolls.  We rave about her cooking and she always generously sends us home with an extra container of her cabbage rolls.  At our house, there is always good-natured scrapping over who exactly is the designated recipient of the cabbage rolls.  Despite the fact that she gives them to me to carry home, my husband is convinced they are all for him.  My son and daughter both protest they are sure they were meant to have them.  We all share the wonderful cabbage rolls, but there is always a bit of negotiating for the last one.

Encela loves brown and green, so I want to surprise her with this table runner.

2 responses to “2012-9: Prairie Braid Table Runner

  1. Laurie in Brampton, Ontario

    Beautiful, Peggy! Makes me want to dig into my drawer of 1.5 inch strips!

    • Thanks, Laurie! It was fun to make and worked up fairly quickly. I’m trying to get some smaller projects done now to feel like I have accomplished something. I have enjoyed working on some large tops, but I need things finished! Smaller projects finish faster!

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