Paducah: Quilt Show Inspiration

One of the great advantages of going to a quilt show is the infusion of creativity and motivation one feels being immersed in a sea of quilts.

In addition to the many quilts we examined during our appraisal classes, I enjoyed the gorgeous quilts in the Museum of the American Quilters Society.  The top five quilts of the show are awarded a purchase award.  The quilter may choose to sell the winning quilt to the Museum for a prize of $20,000.  Needless to say, the collection of quilts in the museum is stunning.  Photos are not allowed, so I have no visuals to share with you from the museum.  My mind however, is full of wonderful ideas for my own future quilts.

The quilt display in the convention center showcased many outstanding quilts.  I took quite a few photos – at least until my battery ran out.  Here are photos of some of the quilts on display.

2 responses to “Paducah: Quilt Show Inspiration

  1. Laurie in Brampton, Ontario

    I have been enjoying your recent posts about your experiences in Paducah. Brings back so many pleasant memories of trips there I have had in the past. The excitement and inspiration to be had are beyond belief. A well-justified reward for your year of completing UFOs. Thanks for sharing your photos and stories!

  2. Sounds like you’re having a wonderful time!!!

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