Paducah: Appraisal Day 2

Hands on appraising was the order of the day as we were divided into groups to appraise quilts.  We used the standard AQS format and style to record our written appraisal and with the information gathered, we determined a value.  Once the group determined the value of the quilt, the scribe reported the value to the whole group and then the four instructors, who of course are all certified appraisers would tell us their opinion and how they would have valued it.

We got a lot faster and more accurate as the day went on.  We appraised both antique and new quilts and learned the difference between the two types of appraisals. The day was packed with information and learning.  By the end of the day, we were both exhausted and exhilarated.   Wonderful day!

Gerald Roy explains a key point on a quilt

Marie Webster Poppies Quilt – a kit quilt

Antique Quilt being appraised

Some of the purple fabrics have faded to brown on this quilt

Detail of the purple quilt

Pine Burr, an unusual pattern for a 30’s quilt adds to quilt value

Gerald Roy explains the difference in value between four doll quilts

Lone Star – unusual corner blocks adds to the value of the quilt

Antique quilt in pristine condition has additional historical value because it came from the estate of a Michigan state senator

Label attached to the back of the border would have come from the mill on the fabric. Much of the label has been removed, making it difficult to identify the mill where the fabric was made.



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