Paducah: Hancock’s back room

During my research to prepare for the trip to Paducah, the back room at Hancock’s of Paducah was a consistent recommendation of something not to miss.    So of course, I followed the advice of my fellow quilters!On Monday afternoon, I took some time to drive out to Hancock’s.  It is located out of town a bit, close to the main highway.  The outside of the building is not fancy, but the inside is amazing.  It is a huge fabric store with almost everything a quilter could want.    I was surprised at how many people were there on the Monday before the festival.  In the back room, there are many bins of good quality fabrics at $5.98 per yard.

There were so many choices that it was hard to resist!  Compared to most of the shoppers, I was very restrained in my purchases.   The three pieces I did buy are for two specific quilts I am making in the next few months.    It is good to have a souvenir, right?

Line of cutting tables in the back room at Hancock's of Paducah

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