Paducah: Appraisal Classes

Learning new things expands one’s horizons.  Taking classes at Paducah has been a mind-expanding experience for me.  I opted to take a couple of courses on Quilt Appraisal with instructors Carol Elmore, Linda Honsberger and Gerald Roy.

Gerald Roy explains a key point on this 1930’s quilt

The instructors explain the importance to appraisal value of viewing a quilt hanging to get the full visual impact.

Appraisal class participants examine a pre-1840 quilt.

Detail of the quilt showing a block with pre-1830 Chromium blue fabric.

Chromium Blue fabrics – Pre-1830 fabric

Gerald Roy gave us a quick lesson on dating fabrics with  quilts that illustrate the major styles from 1840s through to 1970.   Pictures could not be taken of these quilts, so I can only tell you that they were wonderful to see and helped us to understand trends and put the periods into perspective.

During the class, Sheila Holland, a quilter whose work appears in miniature quilt display in the AQS museum came to the door to give a miniature quilt to Gerald Roy.

Sheila makes miniatures exclusively from vintage fabric.  He appraised some of her work and was so impressed with her work, that he went home and pulled numerous yards of tiny print vintage fabrics from his collection to give to her.  She made this quilt for him as a surprise thank-you gift.  The cheddar fabric, which Gerald calls Chromium, is dated from 1870.  The blue is called Lancaster Blue and it also dates from 1870.  Gerald said he would probably donate the quilt to the AQS Museum, and laughingly added, “but not until after I die!”

Update: Sept 7, 2012:  You can check out more of Sheila’s work on her website at .  Her work also appears in the “Oh Wow!” exhibit of miniatures at the Museum of the American Quilters Society.

4 responses to “Paducah: Appraisal Classes

  1. I admire Gerald Roy and so enjoy his articles in Fons & Porter. Lucky you to attend a lecture/class from him!

    • Nann, you are so right! Gerald Roy is an incredible source of knowledge on quilts and textiles. He is funny to boot! I have enjoyed this two-day class very much and am delighted to go back to a third day of with him tomorrow. These have been awesome days of learning. At the end of the day, I am surprised at how exhausted I am!

  2. Hi Peggy, I just found this blog entry. I am the lady that made the orange and blue miniature in your last photo. Thank you for your kind comments. You can see more of my miniatures here:
    By the way, I am sorry to have interrupted your class, but you know how crazy it gets at Paducah – had to catch Jerry when I could!
    Sheila Holland

  3. Hi Sheila: Thank you for identifying yourself as the quilter of Gerald’s gift! I have updated the blog post to include your name and website. Your quilts have inspired me to try my hand at miniatures. This summer, I worked out a design and selected fabrics for a miniature. I’ll tackle it this winter as a quiet hand stitching project. I’m one of your fans! Peggy

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