2012-7 Baby Outreach

Sometimes it is fun to just doodle.  This little quilt was a fun little project that gave me a chance to just play and doodle.    This top that was made by someone in my quilt guild who likes to piece but not quilt.  That is okay with me.  I don’t mind doing the quilting.  In fact, I prefer to do the quilting on charity quilts rather than the piecing.

I recently installed zippered leaders on my long arm and now just sew the backing by machine to the leader with the longest possible basting stitch.  What a huge time-saver!  I can load a quilt in less than 5 minutes.  I can unload a quilt in 30 seconds.  I just unzip it from the leaders and then rip the quilt from the leaders.  The basted seam rips easily and is then trimmed off when I trim the quilt.  Very quick, very easy!

This baby quilt was surprisingly quick to do.  It was done from start to finish, including the binding in less than two hours.  I chose a freehand swirl meander to quilt the sandwich.   I cranked the speed up high and just kept swirling.

The fabric is a pique type material, so it is a bit thicker than normal quilting fabric, which is why I chose to make the stipple fairly dense.  That way, it lays a bit flatter and tames the fabric into submission.   The thread is a coral colored polycore which matches the backing and binding.  Finished size is 40″ by 45″.

This quilt now goes back to the guild from where it will be donated to some deserving mother and baby.  I’d love to walk down the street someday and see a baby in a carriage covered by something I quilted.  I’d never let on my connection to the quilt, but my heart would smile.  And given that I live in a small town, it could happen!


2 responses to “2012-7 Baby Outreach

  1. The quilts are both very beautiful, Peggy!!! Sounds like you have a wonderful quilting group, similar to my birding group, here in northwestern Michigan!!! It’s a gift to have such people as friends.

    • Thanks Stephany! I find that no-stress quilting yields good results and is fun to boot! One of my best decisions in quilting was to throw out perfectionism. My goal is to learn something with every project, rather than worry about creating a perfect quilt.

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