2012-6: Autumn Outreach

This is an outreach quilt for my guild.  Another member of the guild pieced the top and I quilted it.  Melanie, our outreach coordinator, tells me that many of the members like to piece, but are not keen to quilt the tops.  I was looking for some easy quilts to do to “prime the pump” to get me in the quilting groove, so that I could start on quilting some of my own tops.  I’ve been enjoying piecing tops and have not felt the urge to quilt them.  Since I only post when I have completed a project, it feels like I have little to post.  Seems like a good time to have a finish.

So today, I mounted this top on the longarm and proceeded to play.  I like when there is no pressure to do anything fancy.   Then I can either experiment with something new or do something simple and easy.  Today I opted for simple and easy.

The centre of the quilt is done in a medium density stipple with a YLI thread in variegated autumn tones.  I like how the thread blends with the blocks.

This quilt feels a bit rustic, like it belongs in an outdoors man’s cabin.  Deciding to forgo frilly feminine feathers, I opted for a freehand fern-type feather on the borders. They add a bit of a rustic appeal to the quilt.   I like how the variegated thread shows clearly on the dark brown borders. 

Once quilted, I quickly added the binding to the back and top stitched by machine on the front.  For a donation quilt, I prefer a durable machine-stitched binding.  Finished size is 60″ by 84″.

I love having a finish.  It inspires me to complete another. I think I’ll go mount another quilt before I go to bed so that tomorrow if I get a few minutes free, I can dive right into the quilting.

This quilt received unanimous approval from my family.  They all like the autumn palette.  It now goes back to the quilt guild from where it will be given to a new home.  It could be a comfort quilt or a donation quilt.  Wherever it goes, I hope the recipient likes the quilt.


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