2012-5: Another Scrappy Nine-Patch

This scrappy Nine-Patch is the final afghan-sized quilt of the group of eleven quilts that my 95 year old mother has made in preparation for the eventual weddings of her eleven grandchildren.  The deal is, she makes the tops and I quilt them.  After being quilted, I return the to her and she binds them.

The quilting is a simple feather meander using a poly cotton thread.  The backing is a shirting cotton and the batting is poly.

This is the final quilt of this group of afghan-sized wedding quilts.  Now, whenever anyone gets engaged and married, there will be a full group of quilts from which to select.

It feels good to have the whole group done and another commitment stroked off my list of things to complete!

4 responses to “2012-5: Another Scrappy Nine-Patch

  1. Congratulations to both you and your mother. You make a good team.

  2. Laurie in Brampton, Ontario

    Congratulations to both you and your mother for completing this group of wedding quilts. What a lovely legacy for the grandchildren. Bless your mom–I hope I can still be quilting at 95!

    • Thanks, Laurie! I have enjoyed helping her with this project. I think she liked it too, because I overheard her telling my sister about the next quilt she is going to get me to quilt for her!

  3. Way to go Peggy!!! You are an inspiration.

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