Audio books make quilting fun!

By nature, sewing and quilting tend to be solitary arts.   Humans are social animals and we need human contact and brain stimulation.  Our social needs are major factor in the great pleasure we get from guild meetings, shop hops, retreats, conferences, classes and online chat groups.    And as fun as all those things are, we cannot do them constantly or we would never get any quilting done.

That is why I listen to stories.  Audio books have become wonderful companions for me in my sewing room.

I regularly borrow a stack of audio books from the library and listen to them in my sewing room.  Not only do they keep me company, I get so engrossed in the story, I stay at my quilting much longer because I want to hear what happens next!  I can feel a huge difference in my energy level when I get the odd book that does not hold my interest.  I never pressure myself to listen to something that does not engage me.  I listen for a while but if I still don’t like it, I simply stop listening and pop it into my library bag to return.   Then I start another audio book.   My goal is to make my quilting as pleasurable as possible.  When things are fun, we get them done.  Audio books have become a very pleasurable part of quilting for me.   Sometimes when I look at a finished quilt, I can relate it to the book I was listening to as I worked on it!

Our local librarians are absolutely wonderful at recommending audio books for me.  I have spent most of my adult life reading non-fiction and classics, so don’t know many contemporary authors.  I ask for help, telling them what I have enjoyed and they pull more for me.  Now they will see me come into the library and without being asked, tell me of some good audio books that would fit my interests.  They are amazingly good at their recommendations!  They regularly get me audio books  through inter-library loans.  (Joyce, Cindy and Bonnie – You are outstanding!)

Most evenings after dinner, I can hardly wait to get started on my quilting projects so I can continue the story.  My family has learned that if they want my attention, they have to push the pause button.  Otherwise, I will stay deep in the world of mystery, drama, comedy or romance – whatever the story of the day!

Audio books rank quite highly on my list of motivational tools.  Their stories make me want to spend more time in my sewing room and more time quilting. Life is good!

“Fun is good.”   – Dr Seuss

“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.”   – Dale Carnegie

2 responses to “Audio books make quilting fun!

  1. Audio books help me, too. And I have read several things I “ought” to read but hadn’t got around to. It has been a pleasure.

  2. Peggy, you are giving me good ideas to tackle this continual nonending cleaning that never gets done. Audio books might be worth a try! Steffi, the Michigan cousin.

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