Tool for Wayward Pins

Sometimes a great tool can make a big difference to both operator attitude and productivity.  When I recently bought this tool, I thought it was a bit frivolous, but it has turned out to be a tool I use several times a day.

This Telescoping Magnetic Pickup Tool is fantastic for someone like me who tends to scatter pins and drop bobbins and seam rippers.

Pins on the floor like to play hide and seek.  I used to get down on my hands and knees looking for pins while wondering how they can become so invisible when they are on the floor.

I hate crawling on the floor, but it does works to find most of the dropped pins. Sweeping the floor finds a few more. Vacuuming the floor is guaranteed to find the missed pins.  Unfortunately, the pins also lodge themselves very nicely in the pipes of the central vacuum, where they catch dust bunnies and threads and eventually clog the line.  My hubby, a laid-back sort of guy, does not say too much, but I assure you, I can tell he is not thrilled about having to take apart the central vac pipes again.  Sometimes when he hears me vacuuming, he reminds me, Make sure you don’t vacuum up any pins!

This telescoping magnetic pickup tool is fantastic for picking up pins.  It is like magic!   When I hear one drop, I simply wave my magic  magnetic wand over the area and the pins snap onto the magnet.  A dropped metal bobbin always rolls to the furthest possible corner underneath the sewing table.  The magnetic wand retrieves it in a flash.  I love this tool!

So this is my wonder tool:  It picks up pins, bobbins, seam rippers.  It keeps pins out of feet and vacuums and promotes marital harmony.  It was inexpensive too!  I bought it at Harbor Freight on sale for $4.99.  I keep this This nifty tool right beside my sewing machine on my tool tray so it is handy whenever I need it.  I still get a little thrill every time I use it.  It sure beats crawling around on my hands and knees!

These two photos show the tool closed and the tool extended.  My rotary cutter gives you size perspective for comparison.


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