2012-4: Rail Fence Baby Quilt

This Rail Fence Baby Quilt was made from left-over blocks I had originally assembled for a border on a large Carpenter Star quilt.  After I put the border up on the design wall, I saw it did not have the right color balance to suit the center of the quilt.  The Carpenter Star quilt has been on the design wall for over a month.  Perhaps I was trying to convince myself that the border would work.  Once I accepted it would not, I pulled the Rail Fence border off the design wall, and the Carpenter Star quilt looked much better!

So what to do with 140 Rail Fence blocks?   On the weekend, I used the bulk of the blocks to make a set of sew-cut-sew blocks, which will be assembled into another quilt sometime soon.    Then only 35 remained.  I pondered bagging them up and putting them in my UFO cupboard, but resisted the urge to stash yet another set of blocks.

I was tired last night after a long day at work.  I figured these remaining blocks could be made up into a little top and suit my need for mindless sewing.   I started after supper last night and the flimsie made up quite quickly.   There was no backing ready for it, so I was tempted to put the flimsie away to quilt another day.    My UFO cupboard is already full, so I decided to forge ahead and piece a backing from some left over wide strips and have it ready for quilting the following day.

The backing went together quickly, so I decided to get the batting ready too.  I found a scrap of batting that was the exact size needed, so I proceeded to mount it on the long arm to have it ready for the next day.  Then I decided it would only take a few minutes to fill the bobbins needed and select the thread to complement the top.   After the thread was ready, I thought, why not take a few minutes to look at some design books for inspiration.  Within a minute or two, I had decided to try a circle meander.  Since everything was set up and ready to go, I thought I might try a bit of the design.  It was fun and went so fast, that before I realized, I was half done.  So of course, I carried on and finished it.

Telling myself it would only take a few minutes to trim it and bind it, I proceeded to do so.  I did not keep track of the time I spent, but I was surprised when the project was done.  When I worked in sales, I always followed the mantra of “just one more call today to make tomorrow easier”.  I think that habit was in full force during this project as I did just one more thing to make it easier tomorrow!  Each little step takes me further towards the finish.  In this case, all the way to the finish!

This baby quilt measures about 32″ by 43″ and is quilted with a light blue poly thread on top and Bottom Line in the bobbin.     I like it, it was fun and it is one more baby quilt for my stash!

Goal Status:  4 done and 48 more to go!

One response to “2012-4: Rail Fence Baby Quilt

  1. You are right on schedule, maybe even a little ahead. Nice make-it-work finish.

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