2012-3: Fleece Baby Quilts

These small quilts tops are made from fleece squares.  The fabric came from remnants of fleece clothing I had made for my children when they were in kindergarten and first grade.  My youngest has now graduated from university, so you can imagine how long these scraps have been around.  A few years ago, I cut the scraps into six inch squares and made 15 small tops to have on hand for teaching friends and relatives how to operate the longarm machine.   Thirteen were quilted, but these two lonely tops remained.

Tired of having them take up space in my cupboards, I put them on the longarm machine,  and  had then quilted up and trimmed within an hour.  I used a thick polyester batting scrap that I would never use on my quilts.    I will take them to my mother who will bind them and then give them to her favorite quilting charity, a group that sends quilts to children around the world.  I understand most of them are used as sleeping pallets, so these two quilts with their thick fleece tops and thick poly batting will be perfect for that use.

These two quilts were not on my goal list, but I am still glad to have them done and out of the way.  A good investment of an hour to get them finished and out of my house!

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