2012-1: Loon Country Placemats

Our cousin Stephany, an avid birder, bought this fabric in April 2001 with the plan to have them made into place mats and a table runner.  Ten years later,  still in original yardage format, I convinced her to let me quilt  and bind them for her.    She told me the quilt store where she found the fabric, Village Fabrics and Crafts in Paradise, Michigan near where she lives, specializes in nature fabrics and is a real treat to visit.  The loon print is by Timeless Treasures.  The backing and binding fabric is Natures Glory by Moda.

The binding matches the backing, making the place mats reversible too.

The quilting is a dense freehand that resembles water ripples .  The thread is a light blue poly with a dark Bottom Line thread in the bobbin.  I made a point to avoid the heads of the loons, so the design is not obstructed.  The placemats look good and I am pleased with how they turned out.  The set of 8 placemats measure 13″ by 18″ each.

Goal Progress:  This is the first project of the year.  Even though I do not have my quilting goals set yet for 2012, I do know that fulfilling commitments will be high on the list.   So finishing these placemats gives me a headstart on goal completion for 2012 and buys me a little pondering time as I figure out which of my own quilting projects are the highest priority. 

5 responses to “2012-1: Loon Country Placemats

  1. Wow! Absolutely lovely! She is going to be so surprised to see the finished product.

  2. Note from your cousin…I love the Loons!!!

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  4. I was googling loon fabric when I came across your loon country placemats. I copied down the information where you obtained the fabric, but was wondering if that store in Paradise, Michigan has a website?
    I am looking for fabric like this to make 4 vests for my barbershop quartet:
    We are called the Tooney Loons.

    • Hi Rich:
      My cousin who lives in the Upper Peninsula purchased the fabric, so I don’t know too much about the store. She bought the fabric quite a few years ago (April 2001), so it is unlikely the store still has the fabric available. You could try a search through missingfabrics.com as many of the people on the site have deep stashes. Who knows, the fabric might be available that way. Alternately, you could contact the manufacturer, Timeless Treasures, to see if they have recommendations. Good luck. It sounds like a great fabric for your barbershop quartet!

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