Project 2001-52: Candle Mat

This small candle mat was made from a left-over block from a quilt I made for a young cousin’s wedding quilt.  I have had in mind for a while to make a candle mat for our dining table.  We typically have a table runner on it, with a glass bell jar on top.  It looks nice when it is arranged nicely.  However, at least twice a day, someone comes to shove aside the arrangement as the individual does a Sudoku puzzle or a crossword puzzle or reads the paper.  The table runner ends up folded back on itself and looks terrible.  My thought is that a smaller candle mat might not need to be moved aside to leave room for the activity.  We’ll see!  This is how it looks on the table.

Goal Status:  52 projects complete by today, December 31st.  I’m very pleased to have met my goal to finish one project per week for the entire year.    I am happy to have these projects done and thrilled that my flimsie cupboard is now empty.  I still have Works in Progress that I need to finish, but the completed flimsies are now all done!  Yee Haw!

Now I will take a few days off as we celebrate New Years at the cottage with all of our wonderful neighbours.  It starts with a Pig roast at Ivan and Encela’s  place, drinks later at Jean’s house and then lakeside fireworks at midnight at Andy and Leanne’s cottage. It will be fun!

A few days out of the sewing room will give me time to ponder my goals for 2012.  Without the flimsies pressing on my conscience, I can be very creative and enjoy creating new masterpieces!

7 responses to “Project 2001-52: Candle Mat

  1. CONGRATULATIONS PEGGY!!!!! I knew you would do it.
    The prairie braid was a large project for #51! It looks lovely.

    • Hi Amy: Thanks for your encouragement! I am really glad to have completed the 52. It feels very satisfying to reach a goal – especially a stretch goal. Your wall hangings are now on my design wall and I am pondering the quilting pattern this evening. They are next on the machine. ~ Peggy

  2. Well done you! Enjoy your break.

  3. Way to go!! Your determination was impressive! I am enjoying looking at all your projects!

    • Hi Steph: Thanks for the encouragement! Maybe we can turn you into a quilter too! Good luck with your sewing lessons in January. Be careful, it is addictive. LOL!

  4. Fabulous! Great idea – and so wonderful that you met your goal of 52 in 2011!

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