Project 2011-50: Xmas Triangles Quilt

During the years from 2002 to 2006, I sporadically collected 6 inch charm squares.  I generally put aside the red and green charms with the idea of making a red and green triangle quilt.  I once had a goal to make a Christmas quilt for every bed in my house.  This one is the first! In 2010, I started assembling the triangles.  As I completed the triangles, I safety pinned them together in groups of 10.  I did not have enough red and green charms collected to complete the quilt, so only worked on the triangles when I had enough fabric squares prepared.  This year, I decided to cut all of my scraps into usable pieces, making a point of ensuring I had enough red and green squares to complete this quilt.   I assembled most of the top in November and finished it yesterday.

The borders  which came from my stash are a cute Alexander Henry print of Santa Dressing.  The colours were perfect for this quilt.  The quilting is done in white cotton covered poly on top and a white bottom line in the bobbin.  The design is Circle Lord Swirlz, my current favorite pattern.  The binding of red and white striped shirting gives a candy cane finish to the quilt.

I love the wide backing fabric.  It is not a Christmas design, but the colors work well.  I bought the fabric at a night market in Cairo, Egypt.  The quality is very good and I was quite taken by the large roses.

I found it quite fascinating that the fabric manufacturer has printed the company name on the material.  I like to see this because it will always bring back great memories of my visit to Egypt and the exhilarating  night market where I bought this fabric.

Goal Status: 50 projects complete and two more to go to get to complete my goal of 52 projects finished by December 31st.  Yikes!  That is tomorrow!  At this point, I am very glad that I have some flimsies waiting for quilting.  I still have time to get one or two on the frame and get them quilted by tomorrow night.  Will my New Year’s Eve hostess mind if I bring some hand binding with me to the party?  She is a wonderful woman and would likely get a chuckle out of it!  Hopefully I do not have to do that!

4 responses to “Project 2011-50: Xmas Triangles Quilt

  1. That looks wonderful, all those triangles marching along neatly in rows. Want to make a christmas quilt or two for myself and have been looking at both traditional and non traditional colours. Sometimes it can be too hot in Australia around christmas for quilts, but have a banister and they can hang over it next year. Wonderful inspiration.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. This is beautiful. I also have the Swirlz – they look so great on everything! They are also my favorite pattern to quilt. Beautiful Christmas quilt. I, too, want to make some for everywhere in the house, although we only have one bed!

  3. a lovely quilt…. How big are the triangles


    • Hi Margaret:
      The triangles started out as 6″ charm squares. When turned into triangles, they measure 5.5 inches. I’m glad you like the quilt. ~ Peggy

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