Project 2011-48: Denim and Chintz Quilt

This Denim and Chintz quilt was fun to make.  There was no specific pattern. The design block is a random combination of squares and rectangles that make up a 10 inch square.  Each smaller component is joined with a 1 inch trip, which finished at 1/2 inch.  My original intention was to make all of the blocks with this method, but I lost interest in making the blocks after half of them were complete.   The project sat on a UFO tray in my sewing room for about 6 months, until I made a design decision that made finishing it simpler.  Rather than making more pieced blocks, I decided to add some plain blocks to complement the pieced ones.  That made finishing faster and much more likely to happen.

Because the quilt is made of denim and chintz, it will be durable and heavy.  The batting is polyester.  The backing is a medium blue cotton shirting.  It was quilted with a feather meander in a medium blue cotton covered poly thread.  The binding, made of the same fabric as the joining strips, was applied to the back and top stitched to the front.  Finished size is 50 ” by 70″.

Goal Status: 48 projects complete and 4 more to complete by December 31 to reach my goal.    That is four quilts to complete within three days.  I might be a little busy until New Year’s Eve!   I am glad I took a break over the holidays even though now I need to focus intently to get the rest done.  It will be like  a mini quilting retreat- a marthon of quilting to meet my goals.


One response to “Project 2011-48: Denim and Chintz Quilt

  1. That’s really pretty!

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