Project 2011-46: Drunkards Path

There was a time when I was worried I might not have enough quilt tops ready for gift giving, so I made a foray into eBay to buy some flimsies.  Long story short, the tops did not turn out to be exactly what I expected.  Embarrassed by my less-than-prudent purchases, I stuffed them into my flimsie cupboard to hide their shameful existence.  To ensure I am never again tempted to purchase tops without seeing, touching, verifying quality of fabric and construction techniques, I am firmly encouraging myself to quilt all of the tops.  In the process of   fixing and finishing,  I have discovered a silver lining to this experience.  I have learned a great deal about turning challenged flimsies into presentable tops.  I know much more about straightening borders, quilting in extra fullness,  and keeping tops square and flat.   Quilt Rescue skills, I call them!

This Drunkard’s Path was one of the dozen or so tops I purchased.   It was the best top of the entire lot.   The hand-stitched top was quite old, but the fabric was in very good shape and the seams were finely stitched.

This top required some repair to several seams and four of the blocks were assembled incorrectly, making the pattern a bit off.  I removed the wonky blocks, reassembled them correctly and then put them back into the top.  I also had to make some seam adjustments on the sides, nipping in the seams till opposite sides  measured the same length.  Once straight and square, I added the printed inner border and the wider tone on tone outer border to finish it off.

The center of the quilt did not lie completely flat, so I quilted it with a dense meander that helped to draw in the excess.  The low-loft cotton batting  has a bit of an old-fashioned look to the finished quilt.  The borders are quilted with very narrow horizontal lines, resulting in a densely quilted firm border.  I used a mushroom colored thread in the center, which seemed to blend with both the dark and lights and a dark teal thread in the borders and a Bottom Line thread in the bobbin.

The binding, which matches the inner border, is  applied to the back and top stitched to the front.  Finished size is 84″ by 98″.

I’m quite pleased with the resulting quilt.  It turned out significantly better than I anticipated.  In fact, I can stop feeling embarrassed and be proud of how I rescued this top from oblivion.

Goal Status:  46 quilt projects complete and 6 more to go to get to my goal of 52 completed projects by December 31st.    Two weeks to go!  Can I accomplish what I set out to do?  The next week will be quite busy, but I am still feeling I will manage to complete my goal.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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