Project 2011-45: Violet Baby Bits Quilt

After a steady diet of finishing UFOs, I had a strong desire to start something new.   But I have learned to avoid creating UFOs, so I opted for a small baby quilt that I could start and finish quickly.  The inspiration for this baby quilt came from a pile of small bits that were left over from a Chinese Coins quilt I have in progress and a bunch of flowered strips that came in a bag of scraps from a friend in my quilt guild.  The flowered strips and the pastel bits looked like they belonged together.

It was very quick to sew up the top and add the pink coping strips on the sides and the wider lilac outer border.   The quilting design is a very old pantograph called “Fleurs”, which seemed to fit the pastel flowered mood of this baby quilt.     The binding is a violet and white stripe which adds a bit of interest to the edge.   Finished size is 38″ by 49″.

The batting is a light weight poly. After I took this off the machine, I realized that I normally use a dense design with a poly batting as I like a flat look to quilts.  A dense quilting design tends to flatten the loft.    My preferred batting is normally cotton, which provides the low loft look of well-worn quilts.  This quilt is a bit puffier than I like, but I am sure some new mother will love this for her baby.

Goal Status:  45 projects complete and 7 more to go to reach my goal of 52 complete by Dec 31, 2011.

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