Project 2011-42: Strip Bits Baby Quilt

On the weekend, I spent time working on a Chinese Coins quilt in purples, blues and pinks.  I enjoyed working on it and like the visual impact of it.   When assembling the strips, I made a construction error that will require a fair bit of ripping of very tiny stitches.  Sigh!  So I did what any creative quilter would do.  I set the project aside to rip another day and started using the left-overs to make a baby quilt.  I  made two baby quilt flimsies with the scraps of the big quilt.    The rest of the weekend I spent putting borders on large quilt tops.  So by the end of the weekend, although I had done quite a bit of work, I had nothing finished to show for my efforts.  So Monday evening, I decided to get one of those baby flimsies quilted.

The coins were 6″ wide, which meant that anything shorter than the six inches would be wasted unless I found a way to use it.  So these 2 inch bits were cut from the scrap strips.  The strips were then joined by a 3.5 inch strip of white cotton.   It was a very simple quilt with finished up quickly.  The quilting is a simple wiggly vertical line which was fast to complete.   The binding, made out of the backing left-overs is machine applied to the back and top-stitched on the front.

The finished quilt is 38″ by 50″ and will be a gift to a baby someday when I feel an impulse to give a baby quilt to someone.   I like having baby quilts on hand so that I can indulge my whims of giving away baby quilts.   I enjoy surprising people who least expect a quilt.

Goal Status:  42 projects complete, 10 more to go!

One response to “Project 2011-42: Strip Bits Baby Quilt

  1. I love this quilt. So pretty!

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