Project 2011-43: Pinwale Cord Lap Quilt

Last Monday, I had a lovely afternoon visit with a friend from my guild.  She is also Peggy and is fun to be around.  While giving me a tour of her sewing room, Peggy gave me a plastic bin of pre-cut squares.    It looked like the squares were die-cut fabric samples, mostly cotton flannels and pin-wale cord squares.    I sorted them into little piles by type of fabric.

This quilt was made of the pin-wale cord squares.  I had just enough to make this small lap quilt.  Finished size is 36 by 42 inches.  I laid out the squares into a pleasing fashion with a goal of using all of the squares.  Then I assembled the squares with my serger, pressed the top flat and added a coordinating border of a cotton flannel plaid.

Using a tan colored thread, I stippled the center part and did a freehand leaf patterned border.  I simply divided up the border into units approximately 4 inches wide and made a small mark with a piece of white chalk.  When quilting the border, I simply aimed to fit the freehand leaf diagonally within the 4 inch section.  It turned out quite well.    This quilt will be a donation quilt with the final destination decided through the quilt guild outreach program.

Goal Status:  43 complete, 9 more to go to reach my goal of 52 quilting projects completed by December 31st.  Wow!  Single digits remaining.  Nine seems like such a small number in contrast to the double digit numbers I have been facing up till now.  If I can ignore the call of my schedule and Christmas decorations waiting to be put up, I think I will make my goal!

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