Project 2011-38: Flying Geese Baby Quilt

This small quilt,which  could be either a baby quilt or a lap cover, was made from flying geese blocks that were left over from the third quilt I finished.  I made the blocks in 1997 during my first rush of heated enthusiasm for quilting and finished that quilt in 2001 when I got confident enough to begin machine quilting.

These left-over blocks sat in my orphan blocks shoe-box for the next decade until I finally squared them up to make them somewhat  more accurate, sewed them into strips and sashed them with this coordinating cotton.   The front is not a typical baby quilt design, but I am certain that someone is going to love the “alternative” look.  To make it a bit more appealing to a child, I chose a fun jungle-print backing:

I love the surprising element of the fun backing, especially since the colors coordinate so well.

Here is a photo of the original quilt.











It was a Christmas present for my son when he was 11 years old.  He loved the design and quickly named it “Fast Forward to the Border” because of the resemblance to the fast forward buttons on his electronic gadgets.

Special note to anyone with ties to University of Guelph:  This photo was taken in the first floor washroom of Johnston Hall, where I worked for many years.  We had a large flannel room divider stored there.  It was great for holding up quilts while I took a photo!  If you lived in the residence upstairs, you will definitely recognize those tiled walls!

With this baby quilt finished, I’m feeling pleased to count another one done and see my orphan block shoe box just a bit less stuffed.

Goal Status:  38 quilts completed and 14 more to go to reach my goal of 52 completed projects by the end of 2011.

Road Blocks:  Even though the number remaining is getting lower, I’m starting to feel a bit anxious, because I have only a few more flimsies (aka quilt tops) left in the cupboard.  It will be wonderful to have an empty flimsie cupboard, but that means I have to turn my attention to the partially finished tops that do not yet have borders.   Borders always seem to be my stumbling block.  I have quite a few tops finished to the border stage and then stalled until I decide the right border and then get them cut and applied.  Mitered corners on borders are my major avoidance.  If I can possibly put corner blocks, I do!  I tell myself I hate the wasted fabric created by the mitering process, even though I don’t waste it – I cut it up and immediately put it into my containers of pre-cut squares and triangles.  The next few quilts really need to have mitered borders.  Corner blocks won’t work.  Sigh!  No wonder I left those quilts till the end.  Maybe I can treat this next stage as a personal workshop on mitering borders.  I know that the more I do anything, the better I get and the easier it feels.  Could this be all about my mental attitude towards an aversive task?  Probably is – most of life is like that!  Okay, I resolve to approach those borders as a opportunity to discover my personal “best practice” to applying mitered borders.    Onward and upward!

One response to “Project 2011-38: Flying Geese Baby Quilt

  1. Hi Peggy: Great blog! Interesting to note on the flying geese baby quilt how the bottom two triangles on the left stand out in the picture. I didn’t notice that when I saw the quilt “in person.” I look forward to following your progress via the blog!

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