Project 2011-37: Joe Boxer

This bright, fun quilt was started so long ago, I cannot even remember the year.  It has probably been 10 years since I finished this quick and easy top.  The background and border fabric is a colorful Joe Boxer fabric depicting collegiate style pennants.  The backing and binding is the same fabric.  I quilted it with the Circle Lord Swirlz pattern.   The completed quilt is 60 inches square.

While quilting it, I tried to figure out why such a simple quilt took so long to completion.  Typically, it is something small that gets in the way of progress.  This quilt follows that pattern.  The pennant fabric was  a super bargain on a clearance table at my favorite fabric store, so I bought a lot of it.   I finished the top quite quickly and have a vague recollection of preparing the backing for the quilt..or at least I thought I did.   If I did prepare the backing, I do not know what I did with it.   Must have been a “some-timers” moment when I set aside the prepared backing.  I was not worried,  I figured I would come across the backing during my normal stash explorations and when I did, would kit it with the top as I typically do.

Years passed and I never found the backing.  Fast forward to a renovated sewing room with new cupboards and shelving.  All that wonderful storage space  inspired a stash reorganization.  Doing a bit each week, I methodically went through all of my stash, refolding, sorting, purging and meticulously arranging the fabrics according to my color wheel.  I tackled piles of fabric, emptied boxes, bins, all the while keeping my eye out for the misplaced backing.  Still nowhere to be found.  Mystifying and frustrating!

Since 2011 is the year to finish my UFOs and by this point in November, I am both nearing the bottom of my pile of finished flimsies and nearing the end of the year, I have to make progress to get to my goal of 52 finished quilt projects by December 31st.  With only 5.5 weeks remaining and 15 projects left to complete, there is not much time left to waste.  So decision time!  I had to simply forget the backing I had already prepared and make another.  Since I had purchased quite a bit of the fabric, I still had some left in my stash.  I pulled it out and prepared another backing.  Simple and easy, quickly done and mounted on the long arm.    The top was quilted within three hours and machine bound within another hour.   As I quilted, I wondered how I could have let this flimsie sit there for over a decade for want of the backing.  And now, after it is complete, I am wondering if I ever did prepare the first backing.  Maybe, since it was so simple to do, I had mentally checked it off as done without ever going through the steps.   One thing is certain, with the quilt completed, if that backing really is hidden in an overlooked nook, it will now appear as mysteriously as it disappeared!

Goal Progress:  37  projects complete and 15 more to go!  It feels  more likely that I will reach my goal of 52 completed projects by the end of 2011.  Go me!

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