Project 2011-32: Another Shoefly Christmas Table Runner

With six left-over Shoe Fly blocks, and unwilling to put them into my orphan blocks shoebox, I had to find a way to use them up.  I pulled quite a few fabrics from my stash, but only two of them had any possibility of coordinating with these blocks.  After adding the plaid fabric, it was so dark that I had to lighten it up and tie in the border fabric.  I added a narrow 1/4 inch flange that seemed to both frame the dark center and strengthen the small gold stripe in the plaid while pulling out more of the gold in the border fabric.  I was surprised at how well they went together.  A rather unusual combination for me, but still quite pleasing.

This was loaded in sequence on the long-arm and quilted with the same gold thread.   It has a feather border, stippling in the plaid and line dancing in the Shoe Fly blocks.   I’m happy with how it looks.  It will be a hostess gift for my cousin Stephany in Royal Oak, Michigan where I will be staying this weekend.

Goal Status:  32 Quilt Projects complete and 20 more to go!

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