Project 2011-29: Melanie’s Quilt

Melanie, a darling coworker had this quilt top made for her by her paternal grandmother.  It was the last quilt top her grandmother made.  She brought it to work the day I retired from my day job.  My new contract-based work has taken quite a bit of my time, so I set this aside until I was finished one of my major contracts.   I quilted and bound it in March 2011 and Melanie came yesterday to my lovely tourist town to pick up the quilt.  I got permission from her to post the photo on my blog, so here you see it.

I have seen this pattern made up in other quilts, but did not know the name of the pattern.  Jenny Day of South Dakota tells me this is an Atkinson Design called Happy Hour.  I did a Google Image search and can see clearly that is indeed the pattern.   (Thanks, Jenny!)  It is very graphic and appealing.

Melanie selected the fabrics and her grandmother then made the top.  Using the technology of photos and email, we chose the the pattern and thread together.   The pantograph choice, Keryn Emmerson’s Leaf Pile, softened the angular lines and tied all of the colors together.

Here is a photo of the process of auditioning the thread:

I like to puddle a bit of each thread on the quilt top to see how the thread will look over several blocks.  My first thought was a tan colored thread, but it did not look nearly as good as the ultimate choice.

This olive green thread blended well with all of the fabrics, softly showing the leaf pattern against the lighter fabrics, blending with the mediums and surprisingly, also showing well against the dark fabrics.  Thread choice can make or break a quilt.  In this case, it definitely enhanced it.

The finished quilt looks wonderful.  Now Melanie and her partner Deb have the task of picking new paint color for the room where this quilt will be living.


3 responses to “Project 2011-29: Melanie’s Quilt

  1. It looks like an Atkinson Design pattern called Happy Hour.

  2. Hi Jenny: I did a quick Google image search on Happy Hour. Yes, you are right on! It is identical and must be the Happy Hour design. Thanks for letting me know! ~ Peggy

  3. Actually, the book/pamphlet we took it from was Happy Hour, but the quilt itself was Picture This. How I remember this a couple of years hence I’m not sure, but we’re so happy to have the quilt finished that perhaps all the memories are flooding back. The photo looks great, but in real life, the colours are much richer…..everyone will just have to come to my guest room to visit it. Yes, we need to get some paint on the walls….before visitors come for Christmas!
    Thanks again so much, Peggy! And now I have another blog to follow!

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