Project 2011-27: Snowball Charm Quilt

This Snowball Charm quilt was started in 2002, when I collected 6 inch charm squares.  I decided on a snowball block, inspired by a quilt I saw in the book “American Country Scrap Quilts, by Fons and Porter.   I finished the centre, but could not decide on the borders.  Into the flimsie cupboard it went, waiting patiently until this year, 2011, when my goal was to complete 52 quilt projects throughout the year.  I find it amazing how a bit of self-imposed deadline pressure can help me decide quickly on the border.  Once decided, finishing is much quicker!  With borders on, the backing was easily decided.  The top was mounted and quilted within 6 hours.  The hand sewn binding was finished the next day.  So here is the first finish of November 2011.  The stats:  27 done and 25 left to complete by December 31.

This top was quilted using the Circle Lord template Swirls, a design that enhances the snowball block.   The photo was taken in the late afternoon when the light of the setting sun obscures the blocks, but highlights the quilting.

This quilt goes into my wedding quilt stash.  Someday, some bride will love this.  I know that I do!  Scrappy quilts are my favourites!

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