Project 2011-26: Wedding Sampler 4

This Sampler quilt is one of the tops my mother has made as a future wedding gift for one of her grandchildren.    I like how the four maple leaf blocks anchor the corners of this sampler quilt.

I quilted this top on my longarm with the CircleLord Swirlz template, using white polycore thread.  It worked up very quickly with this template. I was finished in less than three hours, including set-up time.  I like fast!  This is the last of the current tops I have from my mother.  That makes seven done.  she plans to make four more for me to quilt.  Hopefully, she will not do it too quickly because I need some time to get some of my own flimsies converted into quilts!

Done feels good.  Now I have a large IKEA bag packed with the four quilts to deliver to her in mid November when I go to visit.

This is the halfway point in my goal of completing 52 projects in 2011.  Now the tally is 26 done and 26 more to go!  Still achievable, even though I will not have a lot of time to fritter away!  I’ll have to take extra precautions to avoid distraction!  No new projects!

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