Project 2011-23: Wedding Sampler

This sampler quilt is one of the tops that my mother made as future wedding gifts for her grandchildren.

I quilted it using the Circle Lord Baptist Fan template.  It was my first time using this template and ‘m not overly entranced with it.  I found it a bit difficult to line up and keep the fans balanced in each row.  With this pattern template,  you do not want to forget to clamp the sides of the quilt.  If not clamped, the pattern is off.  If the quilt is not fairly tight on the rollers, the fabric seems to be pushed around a bit by the machine.  This is likely due more to the loft of the batting, however, with any type of shift in the quilt, the pattern does not line up well.  There is very little forgiveness with this Baptist Fan pattern.

Finishing this sampler means one more quilt top is done and out of my flimsie cupboard.  The quilt top is now off my conscience. I have already packed it in the travel bag to be ready to take to my mother when I visit in November.    Mom will put the binding of her choice on this quilt, which pleases me.  I find binding to be the only part of quilt making that I do not relish.  So my part is finished.  Done feels marvelous.  Only two more of her tops to complete.  (And another 30 of my own!)

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