Project 2011-22: Jacobs Ladder

This Jacobs Ladder quilt was made from some orphan blocks that someone gave to me.  I simply trimmed them to an equal size and then set them with an ecru sashing and borders.  The choice of ecru sashing and borders was made because that was the only fabric I had on hand.  I was at the cottage, where I do not keep any stash.  I had kitted up another project and tossed in the ecru with it, just in case I decided to use ecru instead of white as the neutral.  It got the white, so the ecru was left over.

The quilting was done with ecru thread using the Circle Lord Clamshell template.  It works up very quickly.  In fact, it was quicker to quilt it than it was to apply and sew down the binding.

I had intended to give this quilt to charity, but as I was quilting it, my daughter came into the sewing room, stopped to admire the quilt and tell me quite sweetly, but with the perfect significant pause, that these were her favorite colours! Now I’m not sure who gets it.   For the time being, it will stay in my finished quilt stash until the moment when inspiration makes the decision.  It will probably be a donation quilt.  I’d rather make my daughter a much nicer quilt.

Binding a quilt is becoming a dilemma for me.  Should I machine bind or do I hand stitch the binding?  I do a very fine hand stitched binding, but I do not enjoy doing it.  I’d rather be designing, piecing or quilting.  Machine binding is much faster, but I do not care for the look of it.  I don’t think I do it especially well, which probably accounts for why I do not like it.  A simple project like this one does not seem to merit the time and effort put into hand stitching a binding.  I did do this one by hand and I like the look of it.  An average calculation of my hand binding speed shows that I can sew bindings at 48″ per hour.   So is this quilt worth 4.5 hours of hand stitching?

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