Project 2011-21: Peach Posies Applique Quilt

This flower applique quilt top was made by my mother as a wedding gifts to one of her eleven grandchildren – if any of them ever get married (LOL!).

The pattern for the top came from a lady named Mary Burk, wife of Harold Burk, the inventor of the Red Haven peach.  I can remember when I was in high school (a long time ago!) going with my mother to visit Mrs. Burk and having the treat of a quilt show.  My mom was struck by this design, favoring it because the size of the applique flowers made it a very portable project, one that she could do in her moments of waiting for her kids.  In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, my mother made a double bed size quilt like this for each of her six children.  I think the blocks in this quilt are left-overs from those projects.

I selected a pre-washed muslin backing to coordinate with the muslin background fabric behind the applique flowers.  The batting is poly with a bit of loft, which allows you to see the quilting pattern.  I like the look!  I machine quilted it using the Circle Lord Clamshell template with  an ecru cotton thread which blended well with both the peach and the muslin and was well hidden on the muslin backing.

It now goes back to my mother who will add the binding.  I am happy to do the quilting for her, but am VERY glad I do not have to do the binding too!

This takes one more project off my UFO list and it is one less flimsie in my cupboard!  Hooray!

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