Project 2011-19: Blue Strippy

The Blue Strippy Quilt is a scrap bargello designed to use up some of my huge stash of blue fabrics.    I saw a photo of a scrappy bargello in a wide variety of colours and decided to make one with predominantly blue fabrics.  In this photo the colours appear much darker than they actually are.

Several years ago, when a lady who lives in our small town decided to sell her house, she had a fabric sale to clean out before she moved into a condo.  We happened to meet in the grocery store and she told me of the sale and invited me to come ahead of time.  I went and bought a very large part of her stash.  This quilt contains quite a bit of her stash.  Ann and I worked together this year at the fall fair, so I was especially pleased to show her the finished quilt.  Ann pointed out some fabrics that were scraps of her daughters Grade 8 graduation dress.  Her daughter is now 45 years old.

Ann (left) and me (right) with the Blue Strippy Quilt

Because there was a class at the fall fair that required being quilted on a domestic sewing machine, I decided to straight line quilt this with my domestic machine.  I have had my long for about 10 years, so this was quite a departure for me to quilt on a table top model.  Never again!!  What was I thinking?  My shoulders ached for over a week!  This reminded me of why I bought the long arm in the first place.  If I decided to do any domestic machine quilting again, it will be on a much smaller piece than this one!

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