Project 2011-18: Grandma’s Wedding Sampler

Ruths Wedding Sampler

This sampler quilt top was made by Ruth, my 94 year old mother,  who is shown seated in the photo.

She made the tops from scraps and I quilted it, using the Circle Lord Swirlz giant template.  it is a very easy quilting method and gives great results.

Ruth is making 11 quilt tops for wedding quilts for her eleven grandchildren, who we hope will someday get married.  There is no rush, since none of them are engaged.  They are all in school and too busy for relationships right now!

After Ruth makes the tops, I am quilting them for her so that if a wedding ever happens, the quilts will be ready!  I did two similar tops – the other one is in my hand , just behind this one.   I do not have a photo of it, but it is similar to this one.

This photo was taken by my sister-in-law, Lynn,  in August at our family reunion held at my cousin Margie’s horse farm near McGregor, Ontario.


One response to “Project 2011-18: Grandma’s Wedding Sampler

  1. Look at Ruth! She is so cute, and looks like she really knows her stuff when making blocks! Way to go Ruth, I’m sure one day those grandchildren will be so happy! Maybe I should start doing that, and I’m not in my 90s or 80s or 70s lol

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