Project 2011-17: Cindy’s Vintage Four patch

Cindy's Vintage Four-Patch

This vintage 4 patch quilt was a top I purchased several years ago on Ebay.  The fabrics are an array of old shirtings, checks, plaids, stripes and conversation prints.  It is quite old, but the textiles are still in very good shape.

The top  lived in my flimsie cupboard for too long until I finally quilted it in August 2011.  It was  machine quilted using the Circle Lord Clamshell pattern.  The clamshell design coupled with the olive green thread fits the character of the old fabrics and enhances the overall look of the quilt.  I finished it in early September with a hand-stitched narrow navy binding.

As soon as I finished the binding, I gave it to my summer friend and cottage neighbour, Cindy, who loves old textiles.  I like them too, but not nearly as much as Cindy does.   I felt the quilt deserves a home where it will be loved.  Here Cindy is holding one corner while her daughter Sarah is holding the other.    Finished measurement is about about 58″ inches square.


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