Project 2011-11: Grandma’s Wedding Quilt 1

This is a wedding quilt for one of my mother’s grandchildren.  She made the top and I did the quilting and binding.

Grandma's Wedding Quilt # 1 - Scrappy Nine Patch

My mother is a prolific quilter and has made all of her grandchildren quilts in the past, but now she is  concentrating on cleaning out her stash and makes mostly
charity quilts.  A few years ago, I suggested to my mother that she make make wedding quilts for the grandchildren, even though there are no weddings in sight. I offered to quilt the tops on my long arm and then the quilts could be set aside for whenever the weddings occur. That could be a few years in the future, as the youngest grandchild is only 12. She promptly made a stack of tops and sent them to me. At the time, I was exceedingly busy at work and caring for an ill sibling, so the tops got set on the proverbial pile of flimsies. Two years later, now semi-retired, I am finally getting around to quilting them.

Perhaps I have been lulled into procrastination by the fact that there are still
no weddings in sight. Only one of the eleven grandchildren has a steady beau.

However, I suddenly realized that even if there are no imminent nuptials, my
mother still needs to see these quilts finished during her lifetime. She is 94
years old. She is amazing and we all think she will live forever, but maybe I
shouldn’t count on that. I had better get them done, just in case she is mortal
like the rest of us.

So here is the first one done. I quilted it freehand with an overall feather
meander.  It is approximately 60″ by 85″, judging by the photo where it just covers the top of a queen sized bed.

Take home lesson: Do it now!  Time doesn’t stop just because I am busy.

2 responses to “Project 2011-11: Grandma’s Wedding Quilt 1

  1. How awesome of your Mom to make tops for her grandchildren for their future wedding gifts. I hope she is still with us. I know I’m reading from 2011 forward, so not sure, but my best friends are 93 and 90 and still going strong. This made me smile! My best to you and your family.

    • Hi Diane:
      yes, Ruth is still very actively quilting. She just turned 96. At Christmas, she surprised me with three quilt tops that she thought I might enjoy quilting for her. Well, perhaps enjoy is not the right word, but I did do them right away and shipped them back to her. She told me she was delighted and has been showing them to everyone who has stopped in to visit. That is probably quite a few, with her active social life!

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