Project 2011-9: Princess Maggie

There were so many blocks remaining after I finished Your Majesty Blues, that I was able to make a lap quilt.  I think of the extra quilts, table runners and toppers that result from the left-over blocks as children of the original quilt.  So given the children of Your Majesty, the Queen Mother, were Elizabeth and Margaret, I had to name this one Princess Maggie.
Blue Scrap Quilt

Princess Maggie

Even though the quilt is a child of the original, it still has to have its own personality.  I strive to make it as different as possible so it is not immediately obvious it is the same pattern.   Here is the same Stashbuster block sashed with a red and blue stripe and with cornerstones of red star fabric.  The inside border has blue circles and the outside border has navy stripes.  It has a fun personality and makes a great lap quilt.

By the end of this quilt, I wanted no more left-over blocks.  Enough is enough!  So the three remaining blocks were pieced into the back of the quilt.  I like a bit of a surprise in a quilt.  The quilt was quilted with a feather meander which gave a nice contrast to the angular design.

Orphan Blocks in Pieced Back of Princess Maggie

The finished quilt goes into my wedding stash for a future bride to select as a gift.

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