Project 2011-8: Your Majesty Blues

This quilt was started in a effort to make a dint in my many blue fabrics.  I love blue and gravitate to the blues in any remnant bin, clearance rack and special sale shelf.  Typically, I come home with blues even when I specifically went to get another colour.  I do love blue.  I do, I do.

Blue Stashbusting Quilt using 2.5" strips

The pattern was chosen for the Reichart’s Quilt Store Stashbuster Class,  a mini one-day retreat at the quilt store.  Not having attended many classes or retreats, I decided to take advantage of a day to sew in the company of other women.  The pattern was a mystery until arrival.  I decided that a controlled scrappy might be a safe and pleasing option for me.  I loaded up several bins of blues and together with my featherweight, went for a day of sewing.  The project was for a lap quilt, but these blocks are so easy, that once you get going, it is hard to stop.
I enjoyed the company and conversation of the retreat.  The sewing area in the store is lovely and well set up for classes.  I am a bit spoiled by a wonderful sewing room with a great cutting table, large sewing area and space for tools at my fingertips.  I realized that the arrangement I have at home is very conducive to my own style of sewing, so I will very happily stay home and sew.  I really don’t need to go to a retreat to motivate myself to sew. The workshop was fun and I am glad I did it.  I’m also content to sew in my own studio.

So how did this quilt get the name “Your Majesty Blues”?  Well, during the afternoon, the workshop leader, Lesley Irvine told me a story of the time when her father in law, who lives in Scotland, was the court reporter who wrote the daily news on the British royal family when they vacationed at Balmoral Castle.  Lesley said that her father in law was on a first name basis with the Queen Mother.  I was suitable awed at that level of familiarity with the Royal Family.  Lesley explained that the Queen Mother called him “Cedric” and he called her “Your Majesty”.   When I look at this quilt, I chuckle at the story.  Hence, this quilt became “Your Majesty Blues.”

The quilt was started at the workshop in late February 2011; More blocks were made over the next week.  It was assembled in March 2001, quilted in early April 2001 and the binding was finished April 13, 2011.    This large queen size quilt goes into my wedding stash.  Someday, a happy  bride who loves blue as much as I do will select this quilt.

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