Project 2011-6: Waste Not, Want Not

Waste Not Want Not Quilt - made from leftover 1.5 " strips and scrap bin cuts

This quilt was made of 1.5 inch strips, sewn together to create a 6 inch wide strip, then cut into six inch blocks.  Four blocks were joined together to create a 12 inch block.  These were then joined with sashing and cornerstones.  It was simple to make and used a lot of left over strips and scraps.  Finished size is 108″ x 93″.

Quilt made from 1.5" strips

Quilt made from 1.5 inch strips - Great stashbuster!

It was quilted with an allover trillium meander (From Darlene Epp’s little books) and bound by machine.    The backing is a wide cotton fabric which I purchased in Egypt at a Cairo  night market around midnight on a Thursday  with the assistance of an education agent and her fiance, a medical doctor, who haggled in Arabic to get me a good deal.  I’m not sure how good he was as a doctor, but he was an awesome negotiator!

The top was assembled in December 2006, and it waited patiently on my flimsie shelf until it was quilted and bound in February 2011.  Done is good, but done is not always easy or guaranteed.  At a certain point, I tend to loose enthusiasm for a project – typically when the blocks are assembled.  I suspect it is because at this point, I know what the quilt will look like and the mystery and excitement of discovery is over.  I have to push myself to quilt and bind, but I am always happy when that is done.  Because of my tendency to shelve a project and go on to the next one, I do not allow myself to show unquilted tops, because once others have seen them unveiled, I feel less impetus to finish.  As an experienced quilter once said, “There is done and then there is DONE done!”  You will never see a project in this blog unless it is DONE done.  LOL!

Tale Away Lesson:
A finished quilt is much more satisfying than an unfinished flimsey.

Companion Quotes:
“The human mind appreciates closure and a clean ending.”  Jeff Davidson
“Genius begins great works; labor alone finishes them. ” Joseph Joubert


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