Quest to Complete

If the saying is true, “To quilt is human, to finish, divine”, then I am definitely human.  There are many moments when I long for the divine feeling of completion of at least half of my projects.  At the start of 2011, a count of UFOs  (Unfinished Objects) leaves me in the embarrassing position of 80 projects in varying stages of completion. It is not that I neglect my projects, but rather that creative ideas come so quickly.  Luscious fabrics inspire and before I know it, I am deep into yet another project.  And I like BIG quilts. They take a lot longer than just an evening or a weekend.   Sometimes I get them done.   But more often, another creative flash pulls my attention away from the current project into the next one.   Being able to indulge one’s creative whims adds great joy to life.  But there comes a time when it is time to complete the Current Projects, Those On Deck, Works in Progress and UFOs.  Now is the time.  No excuses accepted.  I have to finish my projects before I can start into any new projects.  My goal for 2011 is to complete 52 projects – an average of one per week.  I have made progress throughout the first 8 months of the year, but not at the speed I need to meet my goal.  So time to get cracking, speed up and be accountable for my goals.  This blog will help to keep me on track.  So far, I have completed 20 projects, with 32 more to finish.  Can I do it?  If I keep myself in my sewing room and out of fabric stores, I might have a chance!  This blog will have posts that give a summary of each project as I complete it as well as posts about the tools, techniques and supports that help keep me moving toward my goal.  Don’t worry about my late start on the blog and missing the first 8 months of the year…I will do a photo summary of each project over the next month so you can see what I have completed to date.

Any suggestions, tips and encouragement to keep me moving forward would be delightfully welcomed.  I have a feeling that a massive pile of UFOs is a very common challenge for us creative types!

Welcome to my blog.

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